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About Us

WaterSoftenerCovers.com in Hudson, Florida, is a family-owned company that sells high-quality water softener covers to protect your equipment from harmful elements. We have more than 75 years of combined experience in providing covers that are customized to fit the water softening systems of our residential and commercial clients.

Above Average

Our covers are used at Camp David and have been showcased in the largest trade shows in the world. Reach out to our company if you'd like to know more about our products.

If you do not see the cover you need, we are custom experts, so please call us to discuss your situation. Our outdoor water softener covers have lasted for years and years.

Our History

Our owner's father-in-law started the company 65 years ago, starting with motorcycle covers made in the US. We then bought the business 20 years ago, and started a new product line with the water softener covers. We have 65 years of custom cover experience. With the demand for water softener covers, we wanted to fill that need.