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The Finest Covers for Water Softener Systems

Shield your equipment with our long-lasting custom covers for water softener systems. WaterSoftenerCovers.com provides products of all sizes and offers a variety to allow you to pick exactly what you need. Prevent eyesores and more with our range of covers for single softeners, softener and brine systems, softener brines plus, and exchange tanks. You can also choose by dimensions.

Water Softener Cover

Heavy-Duty Covers

We have covers made from vinyl on the outside and lined with cotton inside, making them weigh a few pounds instead of only a few ounces. They are durable and perfect for outdoor and transportation uses. The material has the following features:

  • -35 Degree Cold Crack Factor
  • Mildew Resistant
  • UV Resistant

Custom Orders

Please provide us with the make and serial number of your water softener and we'll make a cover for you. Pictures are also welcome. You may choose from different colors.

Velcro Openings & Secure Locks

Our water softener covers have Velcro openings at the back that extend from the top to the bottom and allow connectors to pass through while the cover is on the water softener. The Velcro slit can be pulled open for easy access without the need to take the cover off. At the bottom, a sewn-in nylon cord with a barrel lock secures the cover to the water softener.


All of our products are built to last. One of our satisfied customers is an appliance repair man and who has been using his cover for more than 20 years.


Products come with a one-year warranty. View our products.

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